News in Brief 19 April 2017 (AM)

Resolve Gaza energy crisis, UN Middle East official urges

A senior UN official is calling for resolution of the electricity crisis in Gaza, where the sole power plant has run out of fuel.

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Neglected Tropical Disease gains mask new threat

Huge advances have been made against many tropical diseases but growing urbanisation has created what UN health experts are calling a huge breeding ground for sickness.

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UN Women timeline earns nomination for top internet awards

An interactive timeline chronicling the accomplishments of women over the centuries has been nominated for a Webby, the leading international award honouring excellence on the Internet.

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World must agree a more responsible, humane way to manage migration

It’s time for the international community to come together to “more responsibly and humanely manage the movement of people”.

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News in Brief 18 April 2017 (PM)

UN human rights office welcomes “emblematic” Nepal murder conviction

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News in Brief 17 April 2017 (PM)

UN supporting implementation of DRC political agreement

The top official at the UN mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has been meeting with political leaders to find ways to implement an agreement that paves the way for elections in the country.

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Love and hope are what refugees need most: relief expert

In times of stress, people cling to their faith more than a child to their blanket, so faith-based organizations have a unique role to play in assisting refugees, a religious aid expert has said.

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News in Brief 17 April 2017 (AM)

Iraq: Mosul displaced approaching 500,000

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News in Brief 13 April 2017 (AM)

More investment needed to meet SDG water and sanitation targets

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UN Gender Focus: Syrian women, reproductive health and sexual harassment

Women’s participation in peace talks empower Syrians “as a whole”

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