News in Brief 31 March 2017 (PM)

UNHCR relieved shipwreck victims now safe

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Researcher says people with autism lack “basic human rights”

In terms of civil liberties for people with autism, the international community overall is living in “the Dark Ages,” an autism expert said at the UN on Friday.

Professor Simon Baron-Cohen is the director of the Autism Research Centre at the University of Cambridge.

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News in Brief 31 March 2017 (AM)

UN chief disappointed over plan for new Israeli settlement in West Bank

The UN Secretary-General has expressed “disappointment and alarm” over Israel’s decision to build a new settlement in the occupied Palestinian territory.

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“Dramatic increase” in food insecurity: FAO report

There has been a “dramatic increase” in food insecurity around the world the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said on Friday.

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Dag Hammarskjöld led life of ‘duty and humanism’ says biographer

“If there is a conflict, leave it to Dag” became a popular phrase in the 1950s when the late Dag Hammarskjöld was Secretary-General of the UN.

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News in Brief 30 March 2017 (PM)

FAO deal promotes sustainable rice production

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UN Daily News Programme 30 March 2017

Listen to a bulletin of news and features from the United Nations, with Matthew Wells and Dianne Penn.

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Change happens when women "stand up" and demand rights

The only way for women to receive equal rights is for them to “stand up” and “demand” them, a women’s rights activist told a meeting at UN Headquarters this week.

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UN Gender Focus: Sexual violence, women farmers and women entrepreneurs

Scars of rape last “longer than the war”: UN Special Representative

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News in Brief 29 March 2017 (PM)

Latest Mediterranean tragedy shows value of search-and-rescue: UNHCR

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