Women in space industry working to bridge gender gap in science

American astronaut Peggy Whitson is making history as the first woman ever to command two missions aboard the International Space Station.

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News in Brief 9 February 2017 (PM)

Somali president faces "formidable" set of challenges, international partners say

Somalia's new president faces a "formidable" set of challenges in meeting the expectations of the Somali people, the country's international partners have said.

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Child protection “part and parcel” of UN peacekeeping operations

More than 5,000 child recruits were freed from armed groups last year thanks to the efforts of UN peacekeeping missions, a senior official with the world body has reported.

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Under-reporting of sexual abuse in India “pandemic”: youth advocate

Confronting “pandemic” under-reporting of sexual crimes and “victim-blaming” practices are key challenges in the fight against gender inequality in India.

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UN Gender Focus: FGM; child soldiers and sexual abuse

WHO: we can stop genital mutilation of girls

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No “Band-Aid” solution to rehabilitating former child soldiers

There is no “Band-Aid” solution to rehabilitating and reintegrating former child soldiers, a Somali activist warned UN Member States on Wednesday.

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News in Brief 8 February 2017 (AM)

Security Council condemns “heinous and cowardly” attack on Afghan court

The Security Council has described the terrorist attack outside Afghanistan’s Supreme Court in the capital Kabul on Tuesday as “heinous and cowardly.”

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Withdrawing from ICC undermines international justice: UN expert

Although five of the 10 cases currently being investigated by the International Criminal Court (ICC) involve African countries, this doesn’t mean that the court is targeting the continent.

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News in Brief 7 February 2017 (PM)

Surge in fighting in eastern Ukraine forces children out of school

Thousands of children have been forced out of schools in eastern Ukraine following last week’s surge in fighting, humanitarian organisations in the country have confirmed.

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Conflicts that “drive” terror must be addressed: Political Affairs chief

Efforts to counter ISIL extremists must include stepped up efforts to “prevent and resolve” the conflicts that “drive and are made worse” by terrorism.

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