News in Brief 22 February 2017 (AM)

Global UN-backed trade agreement enters into force

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FAO report outlines multiple challenges to future food security

Increased pressures on natural resources, rising inequality and the effects of climate change are placing global food security “in jeopardy,” the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) warns.

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News in Brief 17 February 2016 (PM)

One million children affected by Ukraine conflict: UNICEF

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“New and alarming patterns” of enforced disappearance emerging: Zeid

The practice of enforced disappearance is not decreasing, it’s “morphing”, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has said.

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Cargo ships hit “hundreds” of whales every year: conservationist

The number of whales hit by cargo ships annually is “in the hundreds”, according to one expert in the field, taking part in a panel discussion at UN Headquarters on Thursday.

Dr Howard Rosenbaum is the director of the Ocean Giants Program at the Wildlife Conservation Society.

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News in Brief 16 February 2016 (PM)

African countries unite to tackle crop pest infestation

Sixteen countries in east and southern Africa have agreed on taking action to boost their ability to manage emerging crop pests and livestock diseases.

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News in Brief 16 February 2016 (AM)

DRC leaders urged to conclude dialogue

Political leaders in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) are being urged to conclude talks related to elections scheduled for the end of the year.

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Future food “more likely to be found in oceans than on land”

If the international community can manage fishing more sustainably, then future food is “more likely to be found in oceans than on land."

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UN Gender Special: Women and Girls in Science

International Day for women in science was “best present”: Iraqi princess

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News in Brief 15 February 2016 (PM)

UN team assessing peace and security in the Gambia

A United Nations mission is in the Gambia this week to assess the peace and security situation.

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