Barbershop Conference: Changing the conversation over equality

Despite years of policies to promote gender equality in the workplace, no country has managed to make it a reality.

That’s one of the findings of a report launched at the second Barbershop Conference, held in July at UN Headquarters in New York.

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UN Gender Focus: women's role in peace in Africa, women empowerment in India and UK student fights for gender equality

UN deputy chief underscores women’s role in peace, security in Africa

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Hollywood helps highlight Europe’s 20th Century refugee crisis

In 1959, Hollywood stars Gregory Peck and Doris Day were at the height of their careers.

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Boosting “financial inclusion” for migrant cash is “a low-hanging fruit”

Allowing families who receive cash from migrants working overseas access to reliable financial services, is “a low-hanging fruit” which would boost sustainable development.

That’s the view of Louise Arbour, the UN Special Representative for International Migration.

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Countryside food producers suffering most from poverty

Farmers producing 80 per cent of the world’s food are suffering the most from poverty and malnutrition, according to the deputy chief of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

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Multilingual contest inspires UK student’s fight for gender equality

The opportunity to deliver a speech in French on gender equality to the UN General Assembly has cemented a young British student’s decision to push for more women’s representation in UK politics.

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More women religious leaders needed to help prevent atrocities

More women are needed in religious leadership roles to help realize a new plan to prevent future atrocity crimes.

That’s the view of Isabel Apawo Phiri, Deputy General Secretary for Public Witness at the World Council of Churches, based in Geneva.

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UN Singers celebrate 70, in village that welcomes the world

The United Nations Singers celebrate their 70th anniversary with a special concert in New York on Friday.

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