Cargo ships hit “hundreds” of whales every year: conservationist

The number of whales hit by cargo ships annually is “in the hundreds”, according to one expert in the field, taking part in a panel discussion at UN Headquarters on Thursday.

Dr Howard Rosenbaum is the director of the Ocean Giants Program at the Wildlife Conservation Society.

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Future food “more likely to be found in oceans than on land”

If the international community can manage fishing more sustainably, then future food is “more likely to be found in oceans than on land."

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UN Gender Special: Women and Girls in Science

International Day for women in science was “best present”: Iraqi princess

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Small-scale fisheries are key to “blue growth” of seas and oceans

Small-scale fisheries account for 90 per cent of all jobs in the industry worldwide and their so-called “blue growth” is essential to make fishing more sustainable.

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“Agriculture for development” aids end of hunger, poverty by 2030

Not enough has been done yet to harness the power of “agriculture for development” in order to meet the global goals of ending hunger and poverty by 2030.

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Counter-terrorism cooperation “has been limited"

Counter-terrorism cooperation between Member States to protect “critical infrastructure” needs to be more extensive, according to a senior UN official.

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Access to information is needed to “escape marginalization”: Blind Union

“Information is power” but people with vision impairments simply have no access to the vast majority of what’s written down.

That’s according to Fredric Schroeder, the president of the World Blind Union, an international organization that has consultancy status with the United Nations.

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“The voice of civilian Syria” speaks out for World Radio Day

Daily broadcasts from a network based in Paris known as Radio Rozana provide Syrian civilians with a vital voice they can trust at home, and abroad.

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Women in space industry working to bridge gender gap in science

American astronaut Peggy Whitson is making history as the first woman ever to command two missions aboard the International Space Station.

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Child protection “part and parcel” of UN peacekeeping operations

More than 5,000 child recruits were freed from armed groups last year thanks to the efforts of UN peacekeeping missions, a senior official with the world body has reported.

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