Time to "re-think" global goals on illegal drugs

Countries need to agree what have been described as more “granular” goals on combating illegal drugs.

The call comes in a report from the United Nations University called “What Comes After the War on Drugs – Flexibility, Fragmentation or Principled Pluralism?”

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Combating corruption essential to implement SDGs

Corruption is an obstacle to progress and prosperity and holds back development, according to the UN.

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Scientist’s formula to help UN meet global goals

If the UN is to achieve ambitious global goals that are designed to help the future of humanity, it could do well to look to science, a leading physicist believes.

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Climate change a “serious threat” to food security

Changes to typical climatic patterns in many parts of the world could mean that around two billion people will be battling hunger and malnutrition in the years ahead.

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“Surge” in wildlife crime reported

A surge in wildlife crime, especially affecting elephants and rhinos, is being fueled by corruption according to the Secretary-General of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, also known as CITES.

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Actor Danny Glover says recognize contributions of Afrodescendants

The world has been presented a unique opportunity to recognize the contributions and needs of people of African descent.

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