Everyone has a stake in peace, UN's Møller insists

The failure of policymakers to find solutions to major challenges such as Europe’s refugee crisis shows how important is for people to take positive action themselves, a top UN official has said.

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Lack of women judges in international tribunals “unjust”

The lack of women judges working in international courts and tribunals is unjust.

That’s according to Viviana Krsticevic, Executive Director of the non-profit Center for Justice and International Law (CEJIL), who attended a recent event at the UN in New York.

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SDGs “can be achieved with right financing”

Ambitious new global development goals are due to be finalized by UN Member States in New York this week and while the principles have been agreed, what’s less clear is how to find the billions of dollars that are needed to pay for them.

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Strong global partnership key to meeting new development goals

Global partnerships must be strengthened if the new sustainable development agenda is to be a success.

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Malaria targets achieved but funding must triple to beat it

The ambitious global goal of tackling one of the oldest killers known to humans – malaria – has been achieved, the UN has said.

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Electricity essential for live-saving health care

One of the key aims of the new development goals that have been agreed by the international community is to make sure that people across the world have access to energy.

In the health sector a stable electricity supply is essential to care for patients.

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New sustainable energy envoy stresses strong climate deal

A new global treaty on climate change should include “real commitments” to support countries that are most vulnerable to its effects.

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Governments reminded that democracies need strong civil society

Discussions about gender equality must not be isolated from discussions about democracy and civil society.

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“Historic” UN General Assembly addressing global concerns

Global agreement on the way to create a sustainable future for all people and the planet has been welcomed as “historic” by the new president of the UN General Assembly.

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Ceremony honours innovations providing Sustainable Energy for All

Initiatives to provide low-cost, reliable energy were celebrated during a ceremony at the United Nations on Monday.

With one in five people worldwide lacking access to electricity, the UN says energy will be a key component for future sustainable development.

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