Remittances from Europe could transform rural communities

Migrant workers in Europe sent nearly $110 billion to their home countries last year, according to the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).

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Foreign fighters pose human rights concerns at home and abroad

As many as 20,000 foreign combatants from 80 countries are fighting in Syria, Iraq and other conflict areas, according to a UN expert group.

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Nuclear technology used to stop spread of animal diseases

Nuclear technologies are being adapted by the UN to diagnose animal and bird diseases in hours rather than the days which conventional methods typically take.

Highly contagious infections can travel easily across borders and can lead to the death of livestock.

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Women’s economic participation critical to sustainable development

A lack of investment in gender equality and women’s empowerment has created barriers to achieving global development goals, according to the UN Secretary-General.

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“Reinvigorated” global partnership at development conference

Four days of deliberation in Addis Ababa have resulted in what the UN described as “a strong and reinvigorated partnership for development.”

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Stronger tax systems promote sustainable development

Developing countries are getting assistance with strengthening their tax systems in order to promote development.

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Supporting “pro-poor” investments in agriculture

Policies that support small-scale farmers must also be part of the global push for sustainable development that benefits all people and the planet, the UN food agency has argued.

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Investing in youth “smartest investment”

Never before have there been so many young people on the planet: nearly two billion, according to the United Nations.

But while young people represent one-quarter of the working age population, worldwide they make up 40 per cent of the unemployed.

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Low spending on mental health must change globally, says WHO

Mental health problems affect rich and poor countries alike, but targets aimed at providing support to those who need it are still way off being met, UN health experts said Tuesday.

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Ethiopia conference marks new era in global cooperation

Heads of state meeting in Ethiopia this week are not only looking at ways to finance a more equitable future for all people.

They’re also initiating the start of a new era for cooperation and global partnership, according to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

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