Actor and environmentalist Robert Redford praises youth activism on climate change

An actor by trade but an activist by nature. That’s how veteran American film star Robert Redford describes himself.

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Living history: staff member of UN anti-Apartheid radio unit retires

Human rights are for everyone to enjoy, a former anti-Apartheid activist has concluded after 36 years of service at the United Nations.

The UN led a campaign from 1950 onwards to eliminate South Africa’s system of legalized racial discrimination known as Apartheid.

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Scientists ponder role of bacteria in nutrition

What’s the relationship between a type of bacteria found in the human stomach and nutritional status?

That’s what the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency and scientists are trying to establish.

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“Fundamental shift” leading to improved corporate responsibility

A “fundamental shift” in the way business is conducted around the world is leading to improved corporate responsibility, according to the Executive Director of the UN Global Compact Office.

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Dreams of people around the world celebrated in Rockwell drawing

The dreams and aspirations of the people of the world and the role of diplomacy are being celebrated in a drawing that is being exhibited at the UN in New York; that’s according to the Deputy Secretary-General of the organization.

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Swedish singers celebrate 70th anniversary of UN Charter

A group of Swedish singers is helping the UN to mark the 70th anniversary of the signing of the United Nations Charter, in the US City of San Francisco.

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Seafarers: “unseen heroes of the global economy”

Although up to 90 per cent of world trade is carried out using ships, the work of the people on those vessels is not well known.

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International day honours victims of sexual violence during conflict

Selling of girls in conflict situations today has been compared to the sale of Africans during the Transatlantic slave trade.

Rape and other forms of sexual violence have been used as a weapon in wars across the globe.

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Discrimination against widows persists in Nepal

Widows in Nepal continue to be rejected by their communities as they are seen as bad luck, according to the founder of a non-profit organization called “Women for Human Rights” which addresses single women’s issues.

Lily Thapa has been advocating for their rights for 20 years.

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Veteran campaigner condemns states’ lip service to Beijing pledge

Women have too little influence in the big decisions that affect them despite a landmark pledge at the Beijing summit two decades ago, according to veteran activist Shirin Akhter.

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