Landmines do not recognise peace, says UN agency at launch of $296 million appeal

Mine clearance takes time and money and the UN agency that’s leading global efforts against the deadly ordnance says it needs nearly $300 million to carry on with its work.

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1.1 billion face deafness threat from audio devices

At least 1.1 billion young people are at risk of irreversible hearing loss from the unsafe use of personal audio devices and an increasing noisy environment, the UN said Friday.

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Land governance programme to protect vulnerable communities

Vulnerable communities across Africa are to be supported by a new programme on land governance aimed at promoting sustainable development and protecting legitimate tenure rights.

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UN Forum on Forests at “crossroads” says its director

The importance of forests in supporting life is being highlighted in 2015 which the UN has designated as the year for global action for sustainable development.

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Boosting women-owned businesses “key to growth”

Economic growth can be encouraged around the world if more women were to run small and medium sized enterprises.

That’s according to the International Monetary Fund.

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UN peacekeeping needs improved technology to respond to crises

Peacekeeping missions need to have improved technology if they are to respond adequately to their mandates.

A new UN report makes 120 recommendations to help UN peacekeeping close the so-called “technology gap”.

This includes the increased use of drones.

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Global business “focused” on workplace rights issues

The major global companies are increasingly focusing on the importance of human rights issues in the workplace.

That’s according to a senior executive at the Coca Cola Company who’s been at the UN to speak about the private sector’s role in ending human trafficking and forced labour.

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“Band-Aid” approach to social injustice is responsible for world’s problems, says UN investigator

A short-term approach to global development has resulted in social injustice and terrorism, according to a leading UN human rights expert.

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Sharks to swim more safely with software

Sharks may be able to swim the world’s oceans more safely one day thanks to a new digital technique developed by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization.

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Sexually active adolescents need to be better prepared to have safe sex

Adolescents need to be better prepared in order to engage in safe sexual relations, according to the Joint UN Programme on HIV/AIDS, UNAIDS.

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