UN agency chief urges stronger cooperation to aid refugees' transfer from Greek islands

The head of the United Nations refugee agency today noted the need for more accommodations on the Greek mainland to help improve conditions at reception centres on the Greek islands.

Syrian refugee family gets new life in US

A Syrian refugee who recently moved to the USA with the help of the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) wants to give back to his host community and improve people’s perception of his culture and religion.

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News in Brief 10 February 2016 (AM) – Geneva

South Sudan refugee numbers hit 1.5 million

More than 1.5 million people have now fled conflict in South Sudan, making it Africa’s largest refugee crisis.

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Syrian people’s plight is worse than ever, say UN aid chiefs

More than US$ 8 billion worth of aid is needed to help millions of desperately vulnerable Syrians in 2017, UN agency chiefs said on Tuesday.

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In Helsinki, UN appeals for nearly $5 billion to help Syrian refugees and host communities

The United Nations and partners today appealed at an aid conference in Finland for $4.63 billion to help Syrians who fled the country and the communities hosting them.

UN and Africa: focus on Mali, vaccination campaign in Nigeria and refugees in South Sudan

Suicide bombing in Mali “direct attack on the peace process”

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More must be done to assist, protect freezing refugees and migrants in Europe – UN agency

The United Nations refugee agency is urging European authorities to step up support and security for refugees migrants facing harsh winter conditions, particularly amid reports that people have frozen trying to enter or move across Europe.

UN and Africa: focus on DRC agreement, tobacco and refugees

Peacekeeping chief urges swift implementation of DRC agreement

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UN agency urges EU to adopt stronger and more pro-active approach on refugees

The United Nations refugee agency today proposed far-reaching reforms of Europe’s management of refugees, including the asylum system, recalling that scenes of chaos at borders last year led to a breakdown in the public’s trust in the capacity of governments to manage the refugee challenge and played into the hands of those wishing to turn those fleeing for their lives into scapegoats.

UN agency urges Governments to recognize people fleeing war-plagued countries as refugees

Faced with record displacement due to conflict, the United Nations has moved to reinforce the global refugee protection regime by issuing new guidelines on dealing with people fleeing their country because of war, who are not recognized as refugees by some States.