Some 3,300 people a day still arriving on Lesvos – UN refugee agency

Despite dangerous sea conditions, the United Nations refugee agency today reported that the number of refugees and migrants arriving on Lesvos continues to be high, at an average of 3,300 people per day so far in November.

‘Failure of refugee and migration governance is fatal,’ deputy UN chief tells summit in Malta

At a summit on the relationship between Europe and Africa on refugees and migration, the United Nations Deputy Secretary-General stressed the importance of searching for political solutions, strengthening institutions and continuing development efforts and assistance.

‘Boats packed with thousands of new arrivals’ continue to land in Greek Islands – UN refugee agency

Despite a four-day shipping strike that affected refugees, migrants and host communities, the United Nations refugee agency has continued its work in the Greek Islands, where an estimated 20,000 refugees and migrants are currently staying, placing considerable strain on the limited reception facilities of several islands.

More funds needed to cope with 5,000 daily refugee arrivals as winter hits Europe – UN agency

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) today appealed to donors for more than $95 million to make sure emergency shelters are equipped with heating and ensure other measures are in place to protect from the harsh winter weather the unrelenting flow of refugees and migrants arriving in Greece and travelling through the Balkan countries.

UN agency warns of ‘looming’ refugee crisis as women flee Central America and Mexico

Women in Central America and Mexico are fleeing their countries in rising numbers to escape a surge in deadly, unchecked gang violence, fuelling a looming refugee crisis in the Americas that demands urgent and concerted action by the States of the region, the United Nations refugee agency is warning.

Greece’s overstretched reception centres may imperil EU-wide plan as arrivals hit half million mark – UN

As the number of refugee and migrant arrivals in Greece hits half a million, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has warned today of continuing “chaos” at overburdened reception centres – possibly threatening to undo Europe’s recently-agreed relocation programme – unless reception conditions in frontline islands are improved.

UN officials propose setting up new fund for education in emergencies

Two senior United Nations officials today proposed the establishment of a humanitarian fund for education in emergencies that would offer millions of the world’s displaced children their first chance of schooling, as well as bridge the gap between relief assistance and development aid.

Concern over quality of education in Palestine refugee schools

Concern over the quality of education in Palestine refugee schools operated by the United Nations in the Middle East may lead to a reduction in class sizes.

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Thousands of women on the move in Europe need reproductive healthcare – UN

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) today stressed the need to ensure women refugees and migrants moving across Europe have access to life-saving sexual and reproductive healthcare, as it appealed for $4.2 million for humanitarian assistance.

UN agency warns European leaders of ‘last opportunity’ for response to refugee crisis

European Union leaders are meeting in Brussels today and tomorrow to discuss the ongoing refugee and migration crisis, in what the United Nations cautioned may be the last chance to create a coherent response to end the suffering and exploitation of refuges and migrants.