UN and partners to discuss ways to enhance resettlement for over 800,000 refugees

The United Nations refugee agency and its partners will meet next week in Geneva to discuss how to help the more than 800,000 refugees who are seeking resettlement.

Protracted refugee situations in Liberia and Angola come to an end – UN

The United Nations has announced that, as of Saturday, people who fled the civil wars in Liberia and Angola and remain abroad will no longer be regarded as refugees by the world body and host governments, bringing to an end two of the most protracted refugee situations in Africa.

New UN report spotlights role of climate change in driving people from their homes

Climate change can play a role in driving people from their homes into areas of conflict and potentially across borders, according to a new United Nations report released today.

UN agency starts flying in emergency aid for refugees in South Sudan

The United Nations refugee agency said today it has started a new emergency aid airlift for refugees in South Sudan who have fled conflict and related food shortages in neighbouring Sudan.

New UN report shows record 800,000 people became refugees in 2011

Ahead of World Refugee Day, the United Nations refugee agency reported today that a record 800,000 people were forced to flee across borders last year, more than at any time since 2000.

UN and partners relocate refugees in South Sudan to relieve overcrowding

The United Nations refugee agency and its partners have relocated 8,000 Sudanese refugees from a transit site in the north-east of South Sudan to relieve overcrowding.

UN refugee agency names Angelina Jolie as special envoy

The UN refugee agency announced today that actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie will take on a new and expanded role as a Special Envoy of its High Commissioner, António Guterres.

Afghan refugees need right conditions to return home, stresses UN official

The United Nations refugee chief today thanked the Pakistani Government for its generosity towards Afghans who have sought refuge in the country, while also calling for creating the right conditions in Afghanistan that will promote large-scale voluntary returns.

Kenya: UN scales up refugee training to improve assistance in camps

The United Nations refugee agency today announced new strategies to ensure uninterrupted assistance and services in its largest complex in Kenya, including training and mentoring of refugees as well as involving them in the day-to-day running of the Dadaab camps.