UN issues first-ever performance report consolidating financial and programme data

In a move that advances Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s reform agenda for the United Nations, the world body has released a corporate-style budget and programme performance report, consolidating information that had previously been scattered in numerous different documents and packaging it in a user-friendly format accessible to the general public.

General Assembly lifts spending cap from UN budget, allowing operations to go on

The United Nations General Assembly has formally lifted a spending cap restricting budget allocations to the first half of this year, affirming a recommendation by its main administrative committee, which earlier this week achieved a breakthrough on the issue that had threatened financial crisis at the world body.

Encouraged by UN membership’s moves on reform, Annan sees no imminent budget crisis

As he enters the last six months of his tenure as United Nations Secretary-General, Kofi Annan today expressed optimism that divisions between Member States on reform of the world organization were healing, allowing a feared budget crisis to be avoided and letting both the reform, and the myriad of ongoing operations, to continue.

Annan calls for ‘a new coalition’ on UN reform to bridge north-south divide

Warning that the United Nations is facing “a moment of truth,” Secretary-General Kofi Annan is urging all UN Member States to tone down their rhetoric over a proposed package of reform measures and join forces to reach a sensible compromise that will prevent a budget crisis and pave the way for more fundamental change later.

Annan backs deputy’s call for greater US engagement with UN

Secretary-General Kofi Annan supports a call by his Deputy for greater United States engagement with the United Nations, a spokesman for the world body said today.

Deputy Secretary-General calls for stepped-up US engagement with UN

The United Nations Deputy Secretary-General today called for greater United States engagement with the UN, warning that Washington cannot “go it alone” in approaching diverse problems ranging from the threat of bird flu to the situation in violence-wracked Darfur, Sudan, while the world body needs its host country’s leadership to tackle these pressing challenges.

UN and European Commission agree to exchange ideas on administrative issues

Senior officials from the United Nations and the European Commission today decided to explore ways to share ideas on a range of administrative concerns, from auditing to hiring, according to a communiqué issued following their meeting in New York.

Annan voices 'regret' at General Assembly panel vote on reform resolution

A caucus of developing countries showed its muscle on the United Nations budget committee this evening by pushing through a draft resolution that would effectively slow a series of reform proposals aimed at overhauling the world organization's management structures which was put forward by Secretary-General Kofi Annan, who immediately voiced regret at the vote and vowed to continue trying to forge an agreement among UN Member States.

Annan urges consensus on main management reform proposals

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today urged the General Assembly’s powerful budget committee to set aside contentious issues blocking agreement on his management reform proposals so as to achieve progress on the matter.

Renewal and reform will help restore public support of UN, official says

Comprehensive reform of the United Nations, now underway, should help boost support for the world Organization, which has been plagued by the perception of a gap between its ideals and the international community's ability to unite to deliver results, a top UN information official said today.