UN experts speak out against Hungarian law criminalizing homelessness

Two independent United Nations human rights experts today issued a joint call on Hungary to revise recent laws that criminalize homelessness and potentially imprison those living on the streets.

Venezuela: UN human rights experts voice alarm at extended detention of judge

Three independent United Nations human rights experts today expressed their alarm at the decision of Venezuelan authorities to extend the house arrest of a judge for another two years, saying it was concerned about her physical and mental health.

New laws in Belarus threaten basic human rights, UN experts say

United Nations human rights experts spoke out today against newly adopted legislative amendments in Belarus, warning that the changes could severely curtail basic rights such as those of freedom of assembly, association and expression.

After Brazilian judge is slain, UN human rights expert calls for more protection

A United Nations human rights expert today called on Brazilian authorities to take immediate steps to better protect the country’s judges, magistrates, prosecutors, public defenders and other lawyers in the wake of the recent assassination of a high-profile judge.

UN rights expert welcomes new French law on arrests by police

A United Nations human rights expert today welcomed the entry into force in France of a law that allows individuals the right to have a lawyer present at the time one is being taken into police custody or during interrogation.

Hungary: UN expert on press freedom concerned by media law

The United Nations independent expert on the right to freedom of opinion and expression today voiced concern over Hungary’s recent controversial media law, saying it could be used to curb the freedom of the press.

Thai diplomat chosen as next head of UN Human Rights Council

Thailand’s Ambassador to the United Nations Office in Geneva was today named as the newest President of the UN Human Rights Council, the panel established in 2006 to tackle human rights violations worldwide.

UN experts sound the alarm for safety of human rights defenders in the Gambia

United Nations independent experts today voiced deep concern for the security of human rights defenders attending a meeting next month in the Gambia after the country’s President recently made reported threats to kill them.

Torture is rife in Equatorial Guinea’s prisons, says UN expert

Detainees kept in police custody in Equatorial Guinea are victims of systematic torture, and prisoners suffer inhuman conditions, an independent United Nations human rights expert said in a press statement today, blaming a break down in the country’s judicial system.

United States military commissions unlikely to produce fair trials – UN expert

The United States’ system of military commissions planned for suspects currently detained at Guantánamo Bay is not likely to reach international standards about the right to a fair trial, an independent United Nations human rights expert warned today.