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prevention of torture

UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine/UNHCHR

PODCAST: Can we end torture?

Nearly four decades on from the adoption of the UN Convention against Torture, there is evidence that it is still taking place in all regions of the world, even though it’s a recognized international crime.

On this week’s episode of The lid Is On, Conor Lennon met Claude Heller and Suzanne Jabour – the chairpersons of the UN Committee against Torture, and the Sub-committee on the Prevention of Torture – two independent human rights experts who attempt to convince countries to end the practice.

UN Photo/Manuel Elías

Move to block torture tools could be 'step forward in civilization'

An initiative to end the trade in lethal drugs and other tools used for capital punishment or torture has been hailed by a senior UN official as a potential “step forward in civilization.”

Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights Andrew Gilmour was speaking about a Global Alliance launched in September by the European Union and its partners.

Mr Gilmour sat down with Nargis Shekinskaya recently to discuss ongoing efforts to end the death penalty globally.

Duration: 4’13”