UN and Africa: focus on civilians in Central Africa, Libya and sustainable industrial development

Lord’s Resistance Army continues to cause “unspeakable suffering”

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Thai king’s legacy on soil “can benefit families of farmers” globally

The former King of Thailand’s focus on improving soil quality can help “families of farmers around the world” reach the Sustainable Development Goals, the internationally agreed targets to fight

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Making economic policies more inclusive to women

Although women’s economic participation benefits society, they continue to face barriers in the labour market such as gender wage gaps and legal restrictions.

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Ugandan entrepreneur stresses importance of education for impoverished children

A Ugandan woman has been speaking at the UN about how education has turned her life around, from being condemned by some as a “useless person” to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

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New solutions needed to tackle mounting sovereign debt crisis – UN trade and development agency

Prior to a meeting today at the United Nations on sovereign debt restructuring, the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) announced that in order to deal with sovereign debt crises – which are creating a growing threat to economic stability in many developing countries – the world is in need of new ways to tackle the problem.

Children are “the worst of the worst-off in the world”

Children are “the worst of the worst-off in the world”, according to new joint study carried out by UNICEF and the World Bank.

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Sympathy not enough, time to act on poverty, says youth delegate

It’s time to act against poverty and stop sympathizing, a youth observer from Ghana to the United Nations has said.

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Anti-poverty policies fail due to “inadequate understanding” of poor

Anti-poverty policies often fail because of an inadequate understanding of the decisions poor people make.

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Children flee Central America to escape gang violence, poverty

Every month, thousands of children from Central America flee to the United States to escape gang violence and poverty, a new report by the UN Children’s Fund (

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New UNICEF Ambassador to use power of music to promote peace

A “piano prodigy” from Jordan will use his musical talents to advocate for some of the world’s most marginalized children, particularly those caught in conflict, violence and poverty.

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