Stronger social security needed against poverty, expert tells UN meeting

To reduce poverty, developing countries need to strengthen their social security systems following on the success of industrial countries, an anti-poverty expert said today at a United Nations forum on poverty held at the world body’s Headquarters in New York.

Close to 24 million STAND UP against Poverty in resounding message for leaders

In churches and schools, in slums and outside posh hotels, on Indian cricket fields and in Mexican football stadiums, close to 24 million people participated in the United Nations-led “STAND UP AGAINST POVERTY” initiative to remind world leaders of their promises to eliminate extreme poverty by 2015.

Old ‘clunkers’ drive 5,000 kilometres in UN-backed rally against hunger

They may not have been your top-of-the-line Hummer or your $250,000 Ferrari, but 113 old cars – none of them worth more than $2,570 – sputtered over the finishing line in Amman, Jordan, today after a 10-day drive across 14 countries in a United Nations-backed rally to raise awareness about fighting hunger and poverty around the world.

Caribbean officials at UN-organized conference promise to improve rural education

Calling for assistance from regional and international organizations, especially the specialized United Nations agencies, high-level officials from several Caribbean nations have pledged to reduce poverty in rural communities and to open up new opportunities by changing approaches to education and training, the UN agricultural agency said today.

UN-sponsored report looks at ways to ensure medicines for developing countries

Over half the people in the poorest parts of Africa and Asia lack regular access to essential medicines because they cannot afford them, or because the health system in their country is too weak, according to a new report commissioned by the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO), which contains recommendations to remedy the situation.

Birth certificates vital in fighting poverty and child abuse, says UNICEF

Stepping up efforts to protect children from abuse and guarantee them health care and education, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) today joined other international agencies in calling for urgent and far-reaching action to ensure that every child receives a birth certificate, a document crucial in fighting global poverty.