Survival of postal service hinges on ability to quickly change, innovate, UN highlights on World Day

On World Post Day, the head of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) is highlighting that the future of postal services strongly depends on their ability to innovate and to embrace new technologies.

UN postal conference aims to begin work on global strategy reflecting new challenges, opportunities

In a message delivered today to delegates at the World Strategy Conference for the United Nations postal agency, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon underlined the essential role to be played by postal services in global efforts to build a sustainable future.

No one receives more mail than Santa Claus, says UN postal union

The United Nations Universal Postal Union (UPU) has identified the recipient of the most personalized letters in the world: a white-bearded man who prefers to wear red suits and is so reclusive that he only travels on one night of the year.

In era of e-mail, snail mail still going strong, UN postal agency reports

Despite stiff competition from electronic communications, snail mail is still going strong, the United Nations Universal Postal Union (UPU) announced today, with letter mail traffic up slightly, more parcels being sent and postal revenue surging.

UN postal agency unveils plan for migrants to send money back home electronically

Migrant workers around the world will soon be able to send money back home by efficient and reliable electronic transfers, eliminating the paper and manual work now involved with traditional postal money orders, under a joint project announced today by the United Nations postal agency.

Security Council wraps up April with calls for unity and full participation

Wrapping up its work for the month with a session devoted to the role of the United Nations in post-conflict situations, the Security Council heard appeals today from fraternal bodies for a full UN role and an overall vision that looked beyond bringing peace and aid to one that encouraged economic and social development and respect for diversity.