Haiti radio drama teaches people how to stay alive during disasters

A popular UN-backed radio drama series is teaching people in Haiti how to stay alive when disasters hit, the producer of the show, Christina Guerin, has said.

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"Desperate situation" for children in post-hurricane Haiti will persist

Children who have been affected by the hurricane which struck Haiti one month ago face a desperate situation which is likely to persist for the “foreseeable future”, according to the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

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“Massive” investment in health care needed to fight cholera in Haiti

There is a need for a “huge and massive” investment in the health care system in Haiti to address the challenges faced by aid workers in fighting cholera.

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Moving towards “normalization” in Haiti

Haiti is undergoing a transition, moving away from a culture of constant emergencies towards a more normalized situation, as described by the UN Humanitarian Coordinator for the country.

Mourab Wahba says these changes impact the nature of humanitarian work in the Caribbean nation.

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