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Important ‘lessons learned’ could help other UN missions: Somalia police chief

Somalia could provide valuable “lessons learned for other mission set ups”, according to the UN police commissioner there.

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“Huge positive developments in Somalia” as elections continue

There have been “huge positive developments in Somalia” over the past four years despite the ongoing terrorist threat posed by militants of the Al-Shabaab group, according to the head of UN Police in the country.

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Corruption “biggest challenge” for post-conflict Liberia

Corruption remains the “biggest challenge” for Liberia as it continues its recovery from a brutal civil war; that’s according to the Police Commissioner of the UN peacekeeping mission there.

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Countries urged to send more women police officers to Darfur

More women police officers are needed in Darfur to help protect millions of people displaced by conflict.

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UN Darfur mission likely to continue due to large number of displaced

The large number of internally displaced people (IDPs) in the Sudanese region of Darfur means that the UN mission there (UNAMID) is likely to continue.

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