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FAO/Asim Hafeez

Efforts made to reduce pesticide risk to children

Efforts are underway to minimize risks to children exposed to pesticides used during agricultural production.

According to figures released by the United Nations, around four million children globally are working in the agriculture sector.

But now a new tool is being released to promote the safer use of pesticides.

Bernd Seiffert is the UN Food and Agriculture Organization’s focal point for Child Labour Prevention in Agriculture.

Sandra Ferrari asked him why the tool is needed.

UN-backed treaty on hazardous chemicals to get teeth at Geneva meeting

Officials from more than 100 countries are to meet next week in Geneva to give teeth to a United Nations-backed treaty aimed at helping developing countries more effectively manage hazardous chemicals and pesticides that have poisoned hundreds of thousands of people in recent decades and killed thousands through accidents, misuse and inadequate controls.