Prolonged cold snap in Peru causes deaths of 60 children, UNICEF says

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is working with communities in Peru to combat the effects of a cold snap which has killed scores of people as the country’s authorities struggle to deliver supplies to isolated mountain regions in the southern and central regions.

UN assists Peru after snowstorms threaten lives in highlands

United Nations emergency relief programmes are channelling money, food and warm clothes to Peruvians today after snowstorms, accompanied by strong freezing winds, have destroyed more than 3,000 houses and threatened the survival of more than 150,000 people in the south and central highlands.

UN agencies take urgent steps to help victims of cold snap in Peru

With 50 Peruvian children already dead and 1.4 million people suffering from life-threatening respiratory infections due to the worst cold weather in 30 years, United Nations agencies have launched urgent operations to help hundreds of thousands of youngsters facing starvation and disease in the South American country.

18 children die as severe cold weather strikes Peru, UN reports

Severe cold weather – including snowstorms and heavy rainfall – has struck southern and central Peru, where nearly 20 children have died from acute respiratory infections, the United Nations humanitarian office said today.

UN human rights expert urges Peru, US to protect health in any trade deal

As the United States and Peru negotiate a bilateral trade pact, a United Nations human rights expert has urged them to ensure any agreement includes public health safeguards so that essential drugs do not become unaffordable for millions of Peruvians.