Security Council hears calls for improved coordination, regional partnerships in UN peacebuilding efforts

Sustaining peace requires more coherence and coordination among the United Nations system, the head of the intergovernmental advisory body that supports peace efforts in countries emerging from conflict told the Security Council today.

UN calls for closer cooperation with African organizations for sustaining peace

Stronger partnerships between the United Nations and African regional and sub-regional organizations are necessary to sustain the momentum for peacebuilding in Africa and prevent a lapse into violent conflict, Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson said today, calling for greater efforts to reinforce initiatives and define the parameters of cooperation.

Peacebuilding valuable in avoiding cycles of violence and suffering

A US$100 million fund that supports countries emerging from war or political crises is facing a “serious” shortfall, the UN Deputy Secretary-General said on Thursday.

The Peacebuilding Fund has helped a number of African countries recover from conflict and instability.

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Ban welcomes ‘change in strategy and mindset’ as UN adopts landmark resolutions on peacebuilding

Deeply concerned by the high human cost and suffering caused by armed conflicts, and recognizing the significant number of simultaneous security and humanitarian crises that the world currently faces, the United Nations General Assembly and the Security Council today concurrently adopted resolutions on the Organization’s peacebuilding architecture, providing renewed momentum for the focus within the UN system on ‘sustaining peace.’

UN embraces concept of “sustaining peace”

“Ground-breaking” resolutions on peacebuilding have been adopted by the UN in an effort to streamline its approach to tackling conflict, a senior UN official has said.

The resolutions aim to reduce the high human cost from so many simultaneous security and humanitarian crises.

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BAKU: at UN forum, Arab entrepreneur touts potential of virtual games to make real-world impact

“In a virtual world, everyone can be a world-saving hero,” an Arab entrepreneur from Israel told the UN News Centre in Baku, underscoring the potential of online games to bridge the divide between young adults in conflict zones and foster inclusive society.

UN deputy chief calls for greater investment and attention on peacebuilding, statebuilding

Addressing an international forum on peacebuilding and statebuilding, the United Nations deputy chief today highlighted the need for a greater investment in those activities and the importance of taking more preventive measures to reduce humanitarian needs.

UN peacebuilding body highlights need to address root causes of conflict for sustainable peace

The head of the United Nations advisory body tasked with making recommendations on post-conflict recovery, reconstruction and development stressed today that building lasting peace requires predictable, sustained and adequate efforts and financing to help stop violence and address the root causes of conflict.

Photo exhibit highlights women’s roles in peacebuilding

Women’s contributions to ending war and bringing about peace are being honoured in a photo exhibition which has just opened at UN Headquarters in New York City.

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Women need greater role in humanitarian relief efforts

Women need a greater role in humanitarian relief efforts following war or natural disasters, according to the UN.

Recently experts gathered at the UN to discuss strategies to ensure that women are included in making decisions during times of crisis.

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