Citing value for money, Ban urges generous support for UN Peacebuilding Fund

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today called for continued backing and financial support for the United Nations fund that helps countries emerging from conflict to build lasting peace, stressing the timely and effective assistance delivered to several nations already.

Efficient resource management crucial in war-torn nations to ensure peace – UN

A new book published by the United Nations and partners tackles the key challenges faced by post-conflict countries on how to efficiently manage their natural resources so they contribute to economic recovery without causing further conflict or environmental degradation.

Commitments to peacebuilding must translate into reality on the ground – Ban

Countries must do their utmost to translate their commitments to peacebuilding into life-enhancing realities for their citizens, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today in a message to a post-conflict event in Rwanda.

UN chief stresses role of peacekeeping in ensuring just use of natural resources

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Sunday stressed that ensuring equitable and sustainable management of natural resources is a key part of the work of the United Nations peacekeeping and peacebuilding missions in countries emerging from war, given the tendency of natural wealth to fuel conflict.

Gradual progress in including women in peacebuilding processes – UN official

Ignoring the role that women can play in peacebuilding increases the chances of failure for sustainable peace processes, a United Nations official said today, adding that recent efforts to include them are slowly leading to progress in various countries.

Experienced UN official to head peacebuilding office in Central African Republic

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today announced the appointment of Margaret Vogt of Nigeria as his Special Representative and head of the United Nations Integrated Peacebuilding Office in the Central African Republic (BINUCA).

Partnerships and use of civilian capacities key to successful UN peacebuilding

The United Nations has often missed the opportunity to support countries emerging from conflict to strengthen peace and enhance national institutions by not paying attention to national ownership, failing to build partnerships and inefficiently using expert staff, according to the head of a team that reviewed UN work post-conflict situations.

UN peace-building body seeks more backing from Member States, UN leadership

The General Assembly today discussed the United Nations Peacebuilding Commission, which seeks to prevent post-conflict countries from lapsing back into bloodshed, with its outgoing chairman calling for greater support from the UN leadership and Member States.

Countries emerging from conflict need help of entire UN family, says outgoing official

The task of consolidating peace in a country emerging from conflict belongs to the entire United Nations family and not just to its peacebuilding architecture, the outgoing chair of the Peacebuilding Commission said today.

UN calls for more effective steps to sustain peace in post-conflict countries

The Security Council, which deploys peacekeeping missions to strife-torn countries, devoted a day-long session today to the equally important task of post-conflict peacebuilding – helping nations on the long road to forging institutions that prevent them from relapsing back into bloodshed.