UN Peacebuilding Commission unveils plans for first grants to Burundi, Sierra Leone

The recently created United Nations Peacebuilding Commission, set up to help post-conflict countries avoid a relapse into bloodshed, has announced it expects to give $25 million each to Burundi and Sierra Leone as part of its first round of contributions.

UN Democracy Fund discusses how to improve accountability for its grants

The United Nations Democracy Fund, which awards grants to projects that try to help promote and consolidate new and restored democracies, met today to discuss ways to improve the monitoring, evaluation and accountability of its grants.

General Assembly President hails resolution strengthening Economic and Social Council

The President of the General Assembly today hailed the adoption of a resolution on the work of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), which will now regularly convene a new Development Cooperation Forum, respond more quickly to humanitarian emergencies, and share its experience in helping post-conflict countries with the Peacebuilding Commission.