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UN Photo/Loey Felipe

Sudan: Finding consensus to move forward a ‘challenge’: UN mission chief 

Finding a national consensus to move forward following October’s military takeover of Sudan’s government, and subsequent reappointment of the civilian Prime Minister, is going to be a challenge, but discussions to restore trust are underway.

That’s according to the top UN official in the country, Volker Perthes, who also heads the UN assistance mission in Sudan, UNITAMS. 

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Terrorist attacks undermine peace process in Mali

Violent extremist and terrorist groups operating in the volatile North and Central regions of Mali are determined to undermine the peace process, members of the UN Security Council heard on Tuesday.

These groups are attacking government representatives, civil servants and ordinary citizens of the West African nation, including foreigners and UN peacekeepers.

Jocelyne Sambira has the story.

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Mali peace process “back on track”

The peace process in Mali is “back on track” said the head of the country’s UN mission – MINUSMA - on Tuesday.

But Mongi Hamdi, told a Security Council meeting that regular violations of the ceasefire in recent months meant the path to peace was littered with obstacles.

A peace agreement between the government, armed militant groups supporting it, and a rebel coalition in the north, was signed on June 20 this year.


Afghan women need greater participation in the peace process

Encouraging Afghan women to join the peace process requires safer work conditions and an equal right to participate in political issues.

That’s according to Huma Khan who is part of the gender equality team at the UN mission in Afghanistan, UNAMA.

Civil rights advocates have been meeting in the capital, Kabul, to discuss a range of issues that have been impacting women since the peace process began 13 years ago.