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UNIC Bogotá

Ban welcomes formal talks between Colombia and ELN rebel group

Colombia is set to begin formal negotiations on 27 October in Havana, Cuba, with the country’s second-largest rebel group, the National Liberation Army or ELN, the UN has confirmed.

The announcement comes after two years of exploratory negotiations between the left-wing rebel group and the Government.

It also follows the rejection in a vote by the Colombia people of a landmark peace agreement signed between the FARC movement, the country’s oldest and largest rebel group.

UN Photo/JC McIlwaine

The people of South Sudan “are suffering”

The people of South Sudan “are suffering”; that’s according to Ellen Løj, the head of the UN mission in South Sudan (UNMISS).

Ms Løj was speaking ahead of Tuesday’s Security Council meeting, during which the mandate of UNMISS was extended through next July.

The country, which only gained its independence in 2011, has been plagued by conflict for nearly two years now; during which time thousands have been killed, and millions displaced from their homes.

UN Photo/Kim Haughton

Mali peace process “back on track”

The peace process in Mali is “back on track” said the head of the country’s UN mission – MINUSMA - on Tuesday.

But Mongi Hamdi, told a Security Council meeting that regular violations of the ceasefire in recent months meant the path to peace was littered with obstacles.

A peace agreement between the government, armed militant groups supporting it, and a rebel coalition in the north, was signed on June 20 this year.