UN looks forward to working with new Somali president

The UN has congratulated Somalia’s new president who was elected by parliamentarians in the capital, Mogadishu, on Wednesday.

Mohamed Abdullahi, known by the nickname "Farmajo," is a former Somalian prime minister.

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Study reveals widespread sexism and violence against women MPs

A study of 55 women members of parliament (MPs) from across the globe reveals that the majority have experienced death threats, rape threats and other forms of psychological violence.

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Teenager tells UN what it takes for girls to become leaders

One young woman from the United States has been telling the UN what it takes in her view, to become a civic leader.

Hariella Lawson, 17, says that the key is being open to any opportunities that may arise.

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Women face “rough political arena” in Botswana

Women in Botswana face a “rough political arena,” but the government of the Southern African country says it is trying to increase their representation in parliament.

Currently just five of a total of 57 parliamentarians are female.

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Parliamentarians urged to lead peace efforts in Burundi

International concern continues to mount over Burundi, where a months’ long political crisis has led to the deaths of hundreds of people and forced thousands to flee to neighbouring countries.

The situation began in April after President Pierre Nkurunziza sought a contested third term.

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Annan calls on world parliamentarians to help promote UN reform

Secretary-General Kofi Annan renewed his appeal today for fundamental reform of the United Nations to meet multiple new challenges, such as terrorism, poverty, disease and climate change, calling on the world’s legislatures to press their governments to advance the interests of the entire planet.