Paraguay’s elimination of malaria ‘shows what is possible’ – UN health agency

Paraguay has successfully eliminated malaria, the United Nations health agency has announced, highlighting that the major milestone offers lessons to other countries aiming to control the mosquito-borne sickness.

News in Brief 24 July 2017 (AM)

Australia urged to end “offshore processing” of asylum seekers

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Inequality behind food access discrepancy in Paraguay: Human rights expert

Despite a decade of impressive economic growth in Paraguay, 10 per cent of citizens there are facing hunger and malnutrition.

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Disaster preparedness in Paraguay’s biggest tip

Efforts are underway in Paraguay to prepare impoverished people living on the margins of the country’s biggest rubbish dump, for the likely eventuality of flooding.

The Cateura dump is located next to the Paraguay River in the south of the capital Asuncion.

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Paraguay communities learn to cope with flooding

People living in flood-prone areas of Paraguay are learning how to prepare and cope with annual and sometimes life-changing inundations.

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UN rights chief 'deeply troubled' by conviction of land reform activists in Paraguay

The United Nations human rights chief today expressed concern over the recent ruling by the Court in Paraguay that convicted 11 land reform protestors, calling on the country's authorities to take urgent measures to ensure fair, independent investigations and guarantee access to justice.

Tsunami preparedness underway in St Kitts and Nevis

The tiny Caribbean island nation St Kitts and Nevis has been working with the UN Development Programme (UNDP) to make sure it is in a “state of readiness” if a tsunami were to hit the low-lying archipelago.

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Older people need “greater say” in disaster planning

Older people need to be consulted more consistently when it comes to planning for the eventuality of disasters; that’s according to an expert working for the non-profit organization, HelpAge International in Colombia.

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“Empower women” to be part of disaster management policy making

Greater efforts need to be made to empower women to be part of the decision-making process for disaster risk reduction policies, according to a senior Canadian emergency management official.

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Disaster policy needs to be better communicated to “broader audience”

Information relating to national disaster risk reduction policies needs to be better communicated to “regular people” according to a senior United Nations official in Paraguay.

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