Corruption uncovered by text messages in Papua New Guinea

Two public officials in Papua New Guinea are facing corruption charges for mismanaging more than US$2 million following a tip-off by mobile phone text message.

The text was sent anonymously as part of a UN-supported initiative called “Phones against Corruption”.

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Papua New Guinea faces up to “resource curse”

Papua New Guinea is facing up to the challenge of a so-called “resource curse” as it focuses on boosting the well-being of its citizens according to the United Nations’ senior representative in the country.

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Ban welcomes Papua New Guinea’s decision to go forward with elections

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon welcomed the decision by Papua New Guinea to carry out elections within the timeframe stipulated by the constitution, following recent uncertainties in relation to the country’s next parliamentary elections, and stressed that they should be carried out in a transparent and peaceful manner.

Papua New Guinea on ‘slippery path’ to undermining rule of law, warns UN official

A top United Nations official today voiced concern about recent steps taken by the Government in Papua New Guinea that undermine the rule of law, breach international human rights standards, impinge on the independence of the judiciary, and could lead to serious instability.

Papua New Guinea rural women demand stronger role in economy

Tribal wars are forcing families in the highlands of Papua New Guinea out of their homes. Not only are these families being separated in the conflicts, but women and girls are being exposed to violence.

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Ban voices concern about leadership deadlock in Papua New Guinea

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon expressed concern today about mounting political tensions in Papua New Guinea, where two prominent politicians each say they are the Pacific country’s rightful leader.

Level of police violence in Papua New Guinea alarms UN expert on torture

An independent United Nations human rights expert has voiced concern about the “regular practice” of police violence in Papua New Guinea, which he said often reaches the level of torture, as well as appalling conditions for detainees.