Top UN officials call for scaling up assistance to Pakistan’s flood victims

Top United Nations officials today urged the international community to boost their support for Pakistan’s flood victims, especially for the health and well-being of women and children who make up 70 per cent of the nearly 18 million people affected by the disaster.

UN advocate Angelina Jolie calls for greater support for Pakistani flood victims

The United Nations Goodwill Ambassador and award-winning Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie appealed today for the public to step up their financial support for the efforts of aid agencies to bring humanitarian relief to the millions of Pakistanis suffering as a result of the devastating floods that have inundated much of the country.

Health needs of flood-hit communities in Pakistan remain high – UN

Providing health services to millions of people affected by the massive flooding in Pakistan remains a priority for humanitarian agencies, as a large numbers of those affected by the disaster continue to seek treatment for diseases such as diarrhoea, skin infections, respiratory problems and malaria, the United Nations health agency says.

UN reports more Pakistanis in need of help as unrelenting floods spread

The surging Indus River in Pakistan continues to inundate more areas and swell the numbers of people in need of humanitarian assistance, the United Nations reported today, saying another 1 million people have been displaced by floods in the southern province of Sindh during the past two days alone.

UN steps up flood relief in Pakistan as number of people affected tops 17 million

The United Nations is expanding its relief operations in Pakistan as the area inundated by flood waters continues to increase and the number of people affected by the disaster has climbed past 17 million.

UN refugee agency seeks $120 million to shelter flood-hit Pakistanis

The number of people in need of shelter in flood-devastated regions of Pakistan has continued to rise as more areas become inundated, the United Nations refugee agency reported today, revising upwards the amount of funding it requires to ensure the homeless have emergency accommodation.

UN seeks more helicopters to fly aid to marooned flood survivors in Pakistan

An estimated 800,000 people affected by the catastrophic floods in Pakistan can only be reached by helicopter, the United Nations reported today, appealing for 40 additional helicopters to deliver humanitarian aid to those stranded in areas inaccessible by land.

Thousands displaced as massive floods in Pakistan spread to the south – UN

The massive floods in Pakistan have spread to the southern province of Sindh, where hundreds of thousands of people are on the move after evacuating their inundated villages, a United Nations official said today, as humanitarian agencies continued to deliver relief supplies to millions of those affected.

Pakistan: UN agencies redoubling efforts amid still unfolding flood crisis

With the situation in flood-stricken Pakistan still unfolding, United Nations agencies said today they are redoubling their efforts to provide assistance to the millions of people affected by the disaster.

General Assembly hears calls for global solidarity to help flood-hit Pakistan

Speaker after speaker took the floor at a special meeting of the United Nations General Assembly today to call for global solidarity to help flood-hit Pakistan in the wake of the country’s worst disaster in living memory and for generous support for vital relief operations.