UN agencies step up efforts as Pakistani floods affect nearly a million people

The number of people affected by severe floods following torrential monsoon rains in north-western Pakistan during the past three days has risen to nearly a million, with hundreds dead and most of the stricken areas cut off, limiting access and relief efforts, the United Nations reported today.

UN supporting efforts to help victims of Pakistani floods

The United Nations is sending relief supplies to help victims in Pakistan of heavy floods, which are the worst that some parts of the Asian nation have seen in more than eight decades.

General Assembly President voices sadness over deadly plane crash in Pakistan

The President of the General Assembly has voiced his sadness after learning of today’s plane crash near the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, which has reportedly killed all 152 people aboard the aircraft.

Ban decries suicide bomb attack at Islamic shrine in Pakistan

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today voiced his strong condemnation of a suicide bombing at a religious shrine in the Pakistani city of Lahore that has reportedly killed more than 40 people and left dozens more injured.