Five million Pakistanis still need help in wake of floods, UN agencies say

More than five million Pakistanis are now estimated to require humanitarian assistance as a result of this year’s floods, and almost half of those in need are children, United Nations aid agencies reported today.

Needs of Pakistani flood survivors rise as winter approaches – UN

The needs of people affected by floods in Pakistan are rising as winter approaches and reported outbreaks of water- and vector-borne diseases, the United Nations reported today, warning that funding for humanitarian assistance in the country remains low, with stocks of some relief items severely depleted.

UN agency ramps up food assistance to flood-affected Pakistanis

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) said today it is continuing to scale up the delivery of vital assistance to the worst-affected areas of Pakistan’s Sindh province as part of its efforts to assist the country’s 2.5 million flood victims.

Pakistani cities join UN-led campaign on disaster preparedness

More than 30 cities in seven provinces across Pakistan have joined a United-Nations-led disaster preparedness campaign intended to make urban areas resilient and ready to cope with catastrophic events to reduce losses and damage.

Pakistan: UN humanitarian fund allocates money to sustain flood relief

The United Nations humanitarian fund today announced the allocation of $17.6 million to ensure that more than five million people affected by floods in Pakistan will continue to receive relief, including safe drinking water, sanitation services, food, shelter materials and other essential support.

Pakistan: UN official calls for ‘quantum leap’ in disaster risk reduction measures

The head of the United Nations disaster risk reduction agency arrives tomorrow in Pakistan to discuss possible measures to reduce the impact and recurrence of major floods, which have inundated much of the Asian country in the past two years.

Thousands of dengue fever cases emerging in Pakistan, UN reports

More than 12,000 cases of dengue fever and 125 deaths linked to the disease have been reported across Pakistan so far this year, with the majority occurring in Punjab province, the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) said today.

Pakistan: UN warns relief supplies for flood hit people could run out in weeks

The United Nations warned today that humanitarian agencies are running out of resources to assist those affected by floods in southern Pakistan, even as the need for clean water, food, shelter and medical services increase among the more than five million people in affected communities.

Pakistan: UN assessment team reports large-scale crop destruction from floods

Almost three quarters of crops in Pakistan’s flood-devastated province of Sindh have been destroyed or damaged, and nearly 37 per cent of the livestock lost or sold to avoid loss, a joint assessment mission of the United Nations humanitarian office and Pakistani Government officials has reported.

Pakistan: UN and partners seeking $357 million to assist with flood response

The United Nations and its partners are asking donors to fund a $357 million plan to help the Pakistani Government provide vital assistance to more than five million people affected by massive flooding in the country’s south.