Day after new UN appeal for Pakistan, food agency alarmed at scant response

A day after the United Nations launched an increased Flash Appeal for $550 million to save the lives of tens of thousands of earthquake survivors in Pakistan, one of the world body's main relief agencies expressed alarm today that too little money was being committed directly to its emergency efforts.

UN increases appeal for Pakistani quake relief by 80 per cent to $550 million

The United Nations today nearly doubled its call for urgent funding to earthquake-ravaged Pakistan to $550 million for the initial six-month emergency period, warning that the current death toll of some 50,000 could double if aid is not immediately mobilized and delivered to those still isolated in the mountainous region.

Blocked roads, snow, lack of funding could kill Pakistani quake survivors – UN

Blocked roads, snow and a serious lack of funding could create a death trap for tens of thousands of people who survived this month’s devastating earthquake in Pakistan, the United Nations World Food Programme warned today in the latest gloomy projection on the disaster.

Shelter remains top priority in UN quake relief in Pakistan

More than two weeks after an earthquake devastated northern Pakistan, plunging temperatures and sheer desperation are driving survivors out of their wrecked mountain villages into a rising number of camps, the United Nations refugee agency reported today as it rushed in more supplies to people who have lost their homes.

Pakistan: Annan writes all UN member leaders to boost quake relief aid

Calling the next few weeks critical for millions of survivors of Pakistan's devastating earthquake, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan sent a letter today to the leaders of all 191 Member States urging "an immediate and exceptional escalation" of the global relief effort.

Top relief official calls Pakistani quake UN’s worst logistical nightmare ever

The United Nations is facing its worst logistical nightmare ever as it scrambles to save the lives of tens of thousands of earthquake survivors in inaccessible areas of Pakistan in an unprecedented race against time that dwarfs efforts after last year’s Indian Ocean tsunami, the UN emergency relief coordinator said today.

With tens of thousands of lives at risk, Annan urges more quake aid to Pakistan

With 10,000 children in remote earthquake-stricken parts of Pakistan facing possible death within the next few weeks unless helicopters and other vital needs are supplied immediately, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today called for an "immediate and exceptional escalation" of the global relief effort.

Pakistani quake relief one of world’s toughest challenges ever – UN agency head

With an estimated 3.3 million people left homeless by the earthquake that devastated remote areas of northern Pakistan, the logistical challenge of bringing in desperately needed aid is one of the toughest the world has ever faced, and time is running out, the head of the United Nations food agency warned today.

Asian quake toll spotlights safe housing as human right, says UN expert

The tragic toll in the earthquake that devastated Pakistan last week is a wake-up call for governments, international organizations and all other actors to guarantee the universal human right to safe housing that can withstand such disasters, according to a senior United Nations rights expert.

Pakistan: UN begins food distribution for 400,000 quake survivors

A United Nations food convoy reached the Pakistani city of Abbottabad today at the start of an emergency effort to feed 400,000 earthquake survivors, many of whom have been without food or shelter since the disaster struck on Saturday.