Good corporate citizenship on the rise in Asia-Pacific, UN finds

More businesses in the Asia-Pacific region are becoming better corporate citizens but they should ensure that these efforts form an integral part of their everyday operations, a United Nations-organized regional gathering on trade and investment heard today.

UN official kicks off week-long event on trade and investment in Asia-Pacific region

A top United Nations official has called on countries in Asia and the Pacific to strengthen regional ties in an effort to boost trade and investment and increase economic growth, kicking off a week-long event in Bangkok focusing on these critical issues.

Nauru calls for enhanced UN presence in South Pacific

The United Nations’ strengthened presence and engagement in the South Pacific is vital if the region’s countries are to meet development goals, the President of Nauru told the General Assembly today.

Top UN Asia-Pacific official pushes for pooling of fiscal resources to beat recession

Large-scale government stimulus packages are closed off to many nations across Asia and the Pacific, the top United Nations official for the region told a gathering of senior finance and central bank representatives, promoting a cooperative approach to jump-starting economies out of the global recession.

Cut red tape to increase exports in Asia-Pacific, UN-backed conference concludes

A reduction of export red tape by Governments in the Asia-Pacific region will lead to an increase in exports from areas hard hit by the global financial crisis, said participants at a United Nations-backed trade conference today.

Asia-Pacific’s resilience against financial turmoil being ground down – UN

The Asia-Pacific region has been steeled against the global recession by lessons learned from the 1997 economic crisis, but its resilience will continue to be chipped away unless several key issues are addressed, a top United Nations official cautioned today.

Triple crises reveal necessity of collective action, says top UN Asia-Pacific official

The “triple threat” posed by the economic, food and climate crises have underscored the need for international cooperation to prevent the slide of an additional 60 million people in Asia and the Pacific into poverty this year, the top United Nations official in the region said today.

UN Chief deplores ditching of Fiji's Constitution, calls for legitimate government

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon expressed dismay on Friday at the decision to scrap Fiji's Constitution and the clear attempt by the country's unelected executive to prolong rule by setting a new five-year time frame for parliamentary elections in 2014.

New UN forum to promote better energy policies in Asia-Pacific region

The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) today launched a new forum to try to develop energy policies across the region that are more gender and poverty-sensitive across the region.

Pacific island States, facing unique development challenges, win UN boost

The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) will strengthen its Pacific Operations Centre as part of its campaign to provide greater support for the region’s island nations, which are facing critical development challenges given their size, relative isolation and vulnerability to climate change.