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UN News/Matt Wells

Sahel countries making progress towards “credible, functioning justice systems”: UNODC

Despite the challenge of trying to decriminalize centuries-old smuggling routes and cross-border terrorism, the countries of the Sahel are showing progress in building “credible, functioning justice systems.”

That’s according to Pierre Lapaque, who represents the vast African region for the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), who told Matt Wells the deaths of four peacekeepers in Mali on Wednesday, highlighted the on-going dangers.

UN Photo/Matt Wells

“Growing problem” of organized crime corrupting politics worldwide

There is a “growing problem” of organized crime syndicates corrupting politics and politicians worldwide, especially at a local level.

That’s according to Catalina Uribe, Programme Officer for UN partner organization, the Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance, otherwise known as International IDEA.

The Swedish-based institute organized a panel discussion at UN Headquarters this month on how to protect politics by deterring the influence of organized crime.

Ms Uribe spoke to Matthew Wells.

Duration: 6’13”