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Young girls at a school in Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon use a tablet during a lesson.
© UNICEF/Frank Dejongh

Tech needs girls, and girls need tech

More and more young women and girls are highlighting the importance of access and safety in the digital world. Marking International Girls in ICT Day, on Thursday, UN agencies have issued a call to action to ensure equal access to digital learning opportunities.

A mural on the Peace Wall in West Belfast, Northern Ireland.
© Unsplash/K. Mitch Hodge

UN rights experts voice alarm over Northern Ireland professor’s safety after ‘vicious’ online attacks

What independent UN human rights experts are describing as an ongoing smear campaign against a prominent Northern Irish academic and human rights lawyer, “has the potential to spark physical violence” they said on Thursday, amidst increasing polarization once more between nationalists and unionists, following the United Kingdom’s Brexit vote, and the resulting Northern Ireland protocol.

Unsplash/Priscilla du Preez

Spike in cybercrime linked to COVID lockdown measures exposes legal gaps

If you’re among those working from home, you may well have noticed an increase in the number of online scams when you open your inbox or shop on the internet?

The disturbing trend is linked to the COVID-19 lockdown, says the UN agency for trade and development, UNCTAD.

It wants to see more countries adopt tougher measures to protect people using the internet, particularly in least developed countries.