Fighting obesity and micronutrient deficiency with nuclear science

Nuclear science is helping Latin American and Caribbean countries to combat what one expert calls “the double burden” of malnutrition and obesity.

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Local farm production in Latin America can create “virtuous cycle”

The local production of food in Latin America can create a “virtuous cycle” which will benefit farmers, the economy and help fight obesity in children; that’s according to the head of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) at a rec

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Obesity-related cancers on rise, especially in developed countries – UN

Being overweight or obese have become major risk factors for developing cancer, particularly among women and in more developed countries, the specialized cancer agency of the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) reported today.

Mom’s edict – ‘eat your veggies’ – subject of UN symposium

In a marriage of hard science and common wisdom, the United Nations health agency is holding a symposium aimed at encouraging people in the Asia and Pacific region to eat more fruits and vegetables.