Nuclear bomb grade fuel removed from Uzbekistan in UN-monitored operation

Spent nuclear fuel containing enough uranium to produce two and a half nuclear bombs has been returned to Russia from Uzbekistan in a secret mission completed yesterday under monitoring by the United Nations atomic watchdog agency as part of its efforts to stop the diversion of such material to terrorist or other ends.

UN official calls for breaking logjam on nuclear disarmament front

With virtual stagnation on the disarmament front despite heightened global concern over the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) and the risk of them falling into terrorist hands, a senior United Nations official today called for urgent new momentum, especially with regard to nuclear arms.

Despite progress, nuclear reactor safety still falls short – UN atomic watchdog

Despite the efforts of the past two decades to upgrade civilian nuclear reactor safety, facilities still exist where safety assistance needs to be made a priority even as expectations for atomic power as an energy source are rising measurably, the United Nations nuclear watchdog agency warned today.

Secretary-General warns against lurching ‘from crisis to crisis’ on nuclear proliferation

With the international spotlight shining on Tehran’s atomic ambitions, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan has appealed for a long-term and visionary approach to the problem of nuclear arms proliferation.