North Africa

UN political chief to focus on transition process during visits to Egypt and Tunisia

The United Nations political chief is set to visit Egypt and Tunisia for discussions on how the world body can assist with the democratic transitions under way in the two North African nations following the revolutions earlier this year.

Arab Spring shows human rights are for everyone, everywhere – UN official

The top United Nations human rights official said today that the so-called Arab Spring across North Africa and the Middle East this year has shown that human rights are for “all of us, all of the time, everywhere.”

United Nations envoy in Africa calls for mobilization of youth for development

A top-ranking United Nations official in Africa has called for a mobilization of the continent’s youth for sustainable development, suggesting that the recent turmoil in North Africa may be linked to high rates of unemployment among youth, their desire for freedom, and their demands for change.

UN refugee chief and Angelina Jolie meet with boat people on Lampedusa

On the eve of this year's World Refugee Day, Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie joined the United Nations refugee chief on a visit on Sunday to Lampedusa, where they met some of the tens of thousands of people who have crossed the Mediterranean and descended on the small Italian island after fleeing unrest in North Africa.

World faces ‘epochal’ change equivalent to that of 1989, UN chief says

The world is facing an important shift in global history which is “no less transformative” than the “epochal” year of 1989, when numerous governments fell across Eastern Europe, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today.

Ban confers with Spanish leaders on North Africa and other global issues

The latest developments in the Middle East and North Africa topped the agenda during meetings between Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Spanish leaders when the United Nations chief visited the European country today.