Nigeria poised to launch major polio vaccination drive - UN envoy

Having resolved controversies over the oral polio vaccine, Nigeria, which was the source of the re-emergence of the disease in the region, is now ready to relaunch its national drive to eradication the paralyzing and often fatal illness, the UN envoy on the issue said today.

Global support needed to deter extremists, UN's Cameroon-Nigeria Commission says

The international community needs to give strong diplomatic and financial support to the Cameroon-Nigeria Mixed Commission to ensure that radical elements from either country do not derail the process to peacefully resolve their border dispute, a commission delegation visiting the United Nations said today.

Cameroon-Nigeria Mixed Commission on border mobilizes support at UN

Representatives from the Cameroon-Nigeria Mixed Commission, charged with implementing a 2002 legal judgement on the border between the two countries, came to the United Nations today to mobilize diplomatic and financial support for its mission.

UN Cameroon-Nigeria commission begins trip to raise funds for its work

A delegation from the Cameroon-Nigeria Mixed Commission, set up by the United Nations to peacefully resolve their border dispute, today began a tour of the United Kingdom, France and the United States to seek financial support for its work.