News in Brief 22 August 2018

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News in Brief 24 January 2018

  • UN chief “appalled and deeply saddened” by attack on Save the Children
  • Iraqis urged to “seize the opportunity” of peace
  • Little evidence that migrants cost more than they make: ILO
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Iraqi civil society needs greater access to information

Civil society organizations in Iraq need greater access to information about the victims and perpetrators of violence in the conflict-ridden country if they are to be able to support emergency efforts; that’s according to the director of an Iraqi health organization who recently visited the UN in

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Life continues for resettled Syrian refugees

Young refugees from Syria who have been resettled in Europe are being given opportunities to continue their studies in school.

Five years of civil war has driven almost five million people abroad from their homes in Syria.

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Ban stresses role of NGOs in helping transitional countries build institutions

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today stressed that non-governmental organizations (NGOs) can play a crucial role in supporting countries in transition as they work to build and strengthen their fledgling institutions with the assistance of the United Nations.

UN leads international meeting to map out reconstruction of Somalia

More than 100 representatives of different Somali groups, the United Nations, World Bank, donors and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) opened a four-day meeting in Nairobi, Kenya, today in an effort to develop a plan to rebuild a country that has been without a functioning government for 14 years.