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New York City

UN Photo/Evan Schneider

UN brings economic, cultural and educational benefits to New York City

A new study has found that the UN brings significant economic, cultural and educational benefits to the people of New York City.

According to Penny Abeywardena, Commissioner of NYC Mayor’s Office for International Affairs, the UN has generated thousands of jobs and huge economic output for the city.

Referencing the centrepiece of the American football season, she said hosting the UN is similar to “having seven Super Bowls every year”.

Andita Listyarini has been speaking to Ms Abeywardena.

Duration: 2’59”

UN Radio/Deganit Perez

“Working together” in local coops will help achieve global goals

“Being a cooperative means working together” and can also help the world reach its ambitious Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

That’s the view of many members of one of the oldest and largest food coops in New York City.

More than a billion people are members of coops around the world, providing more than 200 million jobs.

Cooperatives, which are owned and run by their members, are one way in which communities can come together and make both a local and global impact.

UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe

Photo exhibit highlights women’s roles in peacebuilding

Women’s contributions to ending war and bringing about peace are being honoured in a photo exhibition which has just opened at UN Headquarters in New York City.

‘Poppies: Women and War’ features portraits of women and girls whose lives have been affected by conflict alongside images of the flower that serves as a reminder of those who died in battle.

Dianne Penn has the story.

Duration: 2'57"