Myanmar: UN human rights office welcomes presidential pardon for political prisoners

The United Nations human rights office today welcomed the presidential pardon granted in Myanmar to political prisoners convicted of or prosecuted for various offences under seven specific laws, including unlawful association, peaceful assembly, treason and sedition.

Myanmar: UN human rights expert welcomes latest release of political prisoners

An independent United Nations human rights expert today welcomed the release of 44 prisoners of conscience in Myanmar, hailing it as an important step towards fulfilling President Thein Sein’s pledge of freedom for all political prisoners by the end of this year.

UN refugee agency deplores loss of life in boat tragedy off Myanmar coast

The United Nations refugee agency today deplored the loss of life in the recent boat tragedy off the western coast of Myanmar, and stressed the need for urgent action to avert such incidents.

Myanmar: UN adviser lauds peace talks in Kachin

A United Nations envoy today commended the parties to the Kachin peace talks, calling their meeting this week “a significant move forward” in Myanmar’s national reconciliation process.

UN agency fears sailing tragedies at start of ‘smuggling season’ in Bay of Bengal

The United Nations refugee agency is concerned that as the rainy season ends in Myanmar and the annual sailing season reopens, people from the Rakhine state are increasingly likely to try to flee, subjecting themselves to exploitation by smugglers.

Myanmar: UN expert urges greater efforts to curb anti-Muslim sentiment

The United Nations expert on Myanmar today cautioned that the situation in Rakhine State is feeding a winder anti-Muslim narrative in the country which threatens the ongoing reform process aimed at a more open and broad-based democracy.

Political prisoners in Myanmar must be released without conditions, UN expert stresses

An independent United Nations human rights expert today welcomed the latest release of political prisoners in Myanmar, while also voicing concern over ongoing arrests of activists and conditions attached to arrests.

Violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine state must end for sake of children – UNICEF

Citing the negative impact of the inter-communal clashes in Myanmar’s Rakhine state on children in the region, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) today urged all parties to put an end to the violence.

Myanmar must continue making gains in democratic transition – UN chief

Commending Myanmar for its remarkable progress, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today stressed that the South-east Asian country must continue its democratic transition and overcome the inter-communal violence that is threatening it.

Myanmar: first UN aid convoy in 20 months reaches displaced in eastern Kachin state

The first aid convoy in nearly two years has delivered food, medicine and other supplies to thousands of displaced people in Laiza town in the eat of Myanmar’s Kachin state, the United Nations relief arm today reported.