murdered journalist

News in Brief 23 October 2018

  • UN Refugee Agency concerned by threats to migrant caravan headed to US
  • Biometric data improves aid to displaced people in South Sudan
  • UNESCO chief condemns death of Pakistan journalist
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News in Brief 09 October 2018

  • Calls for probe into disappeared Saudi journalist
  • Colombian nationals held in ‘beyond monstrous’ conditions in Venezuela
  • Rohingya women change refugee camp life for the better
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News in Brief 19 October 2017 (AM)

Leaders commit to reduce deaths caused by noncommunicable diseases

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UN Daily News Programme 19 October 2017

Listen to our daily bulletin of news and features from the United Nations, presented by Dianne Penn.

In today’s programme:  An update on international support to Somalia in the wake of this past weekend's deadly bombing; and: Progress on fighting HIV and AIDS in Tanzania.

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