Mountains matter, especially if you’re young, UN declares

Covering around 27 per cent of the earth's land surface, mountains play a critical role in moving the world’s towards sustainable economic growth. With the future in mind, the theme for this year’s international day celebrating the world’s peaks and summits on Wednesday, is Mountains matter for Youth.

Climate experts pledge to scale up high-altitude fight against mountain melt

The UN’s weather watchdog and partners committed on Thursday to a new initiative to ramp up observation and prediction technology that will help address the challenges of climate change, melting snow and ice, and water-related hazards.

UN summit tackles climate change-induced threat to mountain water supplies

The world’s mountain and glacier regions are facing unprecedented challenges due to climate change, imposing a crippling effect on the people and economies that rely on them, the UN’s weather agency explained on Tuesday, ahead of a summit to address the world’s rapidly-changing water systems.  

Nepal’s mountain communities feeling effects of global warming

Climate change and global warming are the main challenges faced by communities living in the mountains of Nepal, according to a representative from the country’s Mountaineering Association.

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UN agency announces plan for sustainable development of fragile mountain areas

With 720 million people living in mountain regions covering more than a fifth of the world's land surface, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) today announced a major international initiative to promote sustainable agriculture and rural development in these ecologically fragile areas.

Celebrations in Rome to mark first International Mountain Day

Noting that one out of every two people depend on mountain water in some form, and that 245 million people living in rural mountain areas in developing countries are threatened by food insecurity, the United Nations food agency held a series of events in Rome today to mark the first-ever International Mountain Day.

Annan urges support for initiatives to protect world’s mountain ranges

The world’s mountain ranges, so vital to sustaining life, face unprecedented challenges which must be met by a concerted international response, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan said today.

Livelihoods of millions of mountain people at risk, UN-backed conference warns

Delegates to an international conference on mountains organized with the support of the United Nations today called for more attention to the plight of millions of people living in high-altitude areas, who often are exposed to poverty, hunger, social and political marginalization and conflicts.

New UN stamps commemorate International Year of Mountains

Marking the 2002 commemoration of the International Year of Mountains, the United Nations Postal Administration today issued 12 stamps featuring famous peaks around the world.

Mountain areas face growing risks from conflicts, environmental harm, UN warns

Mountain ecosystems face increasing risks as conflicts and environmental damage are harming irreplaceable resources, senior United Nations officials warned today.