FAO urges four African countries to brace for Desert Locust swarms

Four countries in northwest Africa are being urged to prepare for the likely arrival of swarms of Desert Locusts, the most devastating of the species.

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Morocco must do more to eradicate torture, says UN rights expert

While a culture of human rights is emerging in Morocco, the authorities must do more to eradicate torture and ill-treatment, says an independent United Nations human rights expert.

UN announces next round of talks to try to resolve Western Sahara dispute

The next round of United Nations-backed informal talks aimed at reaching a settlement in the Western Sahara dispute will take place next month, the UN announced today.

UN experts call on Morocco to implement gender equity policies

Independent United Nations human rights experts today called on Morocco to consolidate and advance the country’s achievements on women’s rights by tackling gaps in its legal framework which put women at a disadvantage, adding that domestic and migrant workers are at higher risk of having their rights violated.

International community to continue to look for Syria solution

The international community will continue to look for a way to end the violence in Syria following the failure to pass a UN Security Council resolution, according to the Moroccan Ambassador to the United Nations

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