Human rights a precondition for peace; dialogue ‘only way’ to make it sustainable, Montenegro tells UN

Reiterating Montenegro’s strong commitment to multilateral cooperation, President Filip Vujanović told the Assembly today that his country puts good neighbourly relations and regional cooperation in the Balkans at the top of its foreign policy agenda

UN Gender Focus: sexual violence in Syria, rights of women in Montenegro and Pacific countries

Most Syrians fleeing country because of fear of sexual violence 

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Boosting representation and rights of women in Montenegro

Boosting the representation of women running for local office is just one of the ways in which the UN is bolstering rights and development in Montenegro.

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New treaty empowers children to stand for their rights

A new treaty allowing children to file a complaint directly to the UN about alleged violations of their rights was signed into law on Monday by ten countries.

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Ban, Prime Minister of Montenegro discuss Western Balkans developments

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Prime Minister Milo Ðukanoviæ of Montenegro today discussed a slew of political and development issues on the sidelines of the high-level General Assembly debate due to start on Tuesday.

UN expert urges Montenegro to resolve pending cases of violence against journalists

Calling for effective accountability in all cases of violence against journalists, the United Nations independent expert on the right to freedom of expression today urged Montenegro to set up an inclusive mechanism to resolve and prevent cases of attacks against reporters and media outlets.

Montenegro: UN agency helps refugees escape statelessness

The United Nations refugee agency is helping thousands of refugees who fled to Montenegro from Kosovo to get legal representation.

Last UN collective centre for refugees in Montenegro shuttered

The United Nations refugee agency has ended its emergency shelter programme for refugees in Montenegro, closing its last collective centre in the Balkan nation which is home to 24,000 people who fled from Croatia, Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Montenegro melts tanks into scrap in UN-backed demilitarization initiative

Montenegro, the United Nations’ youngest member, has launched a new demilitarization initiative, ultimately aiming to slash nearly 12 thousand tons of heavy weaponry to 2,000 tonnes and cut the number of ammunition depots from 10 to three under a project co-sponsored by the world body.

UN refugee agency mobilizes lawyers to address statelessness in Montenegro

Over one hundred people in Montenegro have recently received assistance from lawyers mobilized by the United Nations refugee agency as part of stepped-up efforts to fight statelessness in the Balkans country.